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Behaviour-Based Recruitment

When the job market is as competitive as it ever has been and talent is short, you need a new hiring mechanism to base your growth goals on.

That mechanism is Behaviour-Based Recruitment     

Leverage 70+ years of research into work-based performance and utilise British Psychological Society-backed behavioural assessments to identify your dream hire and accelerate your growth plans.

Whilst key roles are open, your growth is being prevented. Hiring the wrong people is costly and finding out too late could be fatal. Skills are hard to come by, so how do you guarantee to hire your next superstar?

With Behaviour-Based Recruitment, you will:


hire based on data, not on second-guesses

hire people that scientifically match your culture

hire with confidence that the candidate will hit the ground running

hire faster, more deliberately and with less risk


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By robustly benchmarking candidates against what high performance looks like in the role.

Through a behaviour-based interview process, with personalised question sets to match characters to your culture and role.

With an industry-leading, 12-month no-cost replacement guarantee.*

Fast-growth businesses are filling key roles and achieving sustainable growth:

in 30% of the time

for 15% of the cost

with 96% retention rates

through Behaviour-Based Recruitment.

How much could that save you? Find out exactly in under 90 seconds, using our Bad Hire Calculator     built on data from the Office National Statistics and Recruitment and Employment Confederation. 

Speech Marks

"Without doubt the best recruitment experience I've had in 20 years of hiring. Whether office support, sales or technicians, I know I can rely on Venture Ten, their methods and more than anything, their philosophy when it comes to people and business."

Managing Director, Electrical Services Provider


"agencies are largely unreliable, expensive and poor communicators."


"companies don't really know who they want, resent paying agency fees and aren't loyal."


"agencies don't know what I want or what I'm capable of, companies assume what I'm capable of and job boards offer a surface-level view of the opportunities in the marketplace and a poor experience of exploring them."

So we set about fixing all of that. One hire at a time.

Experience gained over thousands of hours of recruiting, hiring hundreds of individuals and deliberating over decades of proven strategy led us to:

When we were asked to open a new division in an established recruitment agency, we decided to find out what the industry thought of the recruitment experience. We were shocked with what they told us.

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Number 1

Develop the TALENT Model    , now used in industry-leading organisations and underpinning all of our hiring campaigns to help companies stand out against the competition, without needing huge salaries or household brand names.

Venture Ten TALENT Model
Number 2

Partner with an internationally-renowned research agency, allowing us to leverage hundreds of thousands of data points to create hiring campaigns that help our clients hire right, first time, every time. We guarantee it.

Holst workplace culture
Accredited McQuaig Interpreter
Number 3

Offer an award-winning candidate matchmaking to clients and candidates, saving hiring managers an average of 25 hours per hire and giving candidates a premium hiring  experience for our clients.

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Speech Marks

"There are few professionals in this industry who bring competence to the table with a mix of a positive attitude  and an extremely friendly demeanour. The Venture Ten team are very organised, rational and with an extremely efficient follow-up system. From last-minute pointers to good luck emails, they remain active in the process right until the very end."

Facilities Manager, Facilities Services 

Would you like to accelerate your time-to-hire, while improving the quality and retention of your next hire... at no cost?

Not every company wants to engage a consultant, or has the budget to do so...

So we built the Smart TALENT Scorecard     to provide you a personalised report with actionable insights specific to your hiring goals, based on our Behaviour-Based Recruitment methodology.

Simply answer 40 questions, in under 4 minutes and receive your unique, practical report now.

No spam. No obligation. No cost. That's a promise.

If you'd prefer to pick our brains, ask more questions or make our day and explore a possible partnership, then check our team's calendar below and schedule a time to speak.

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