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About Us

Here at Venture Ten we think about things differently and we’re on a mission to create a positively life-enhancing recruitment experience.

Our Commitments.

We dream

of a world where individuals eagerly anticipate their workday, and companies flourish by uniting towards a shared vision.

We exist

to transform the world of work to benefit all people, companies and the planet, by working towards the day all of us are accepted, included, valued and treated fairly for who we are, what we need and what we bring to the table - rather than how we appear from it.

We commit

to delivering a life-enhancing recruitment experience for all involved.

When it comes to transforming employment, we focus on four areas:

People empowerment, resulting in fulfilling careers and lives.

Relationship matchmaking, resulting in prosperous, longstanding partnerships.

Organisational development (OD and L&D), resulting in retention, advocacy and impact.

System change, resulting in more inclusivity, equity and growth.

By helping people to understand how purpose affects motivation, environment impacts growth and how potential is unlocked, we can make sure personal creativity skyrockets, project teams unite and an environment is created that will foster wellbeing, inclusivity and equality for years to come.

We’re living our purpose. And we’re loving it.

Meet the Team

Dan Fenwick, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dan leads our business from a product development and strategy perspective. His background in sales leadership and cultural transformation within blue chip companies means recruitment for him is an opportunity to improve lives and businesses.

When he's not serving his community, he's either having fun with his family or climbing a mountain somewhere with friends.

Value Driven Impact

What guides us on our mission are our values, which are the heart of everything we do.

We are:

Courageously Authentic

We're courageous enough to step into who we truly are and set ourselves free. We genuinely accept others, gifting them the space to do the same.

Mental Health First Aider Logo

We understand the importance of prioritising mental health, which is why we have a trained Mental Health First Aider as part of our team.  

AJ Bell Great North Run Logo

As a team this year we took on the Great North Run, supporting charities close to our hearts and sharing our stories to inspire others.

Positively Impactful

We actively choose to do things that matter to people and make a meaningful difference.

Certified Carbon Literate

We are a Certified Carbon Literate organisation.

B1G1: Business for Good

Our Giving Strategy means business outcomes produce SDG impacts for people most in need around the world through our partners at B1G1: Business for Good.

Holistically Innovative

We find ways to provide more value to more people without any hidden consequences.

Sustainability Changemakers

We have a Sustainability Strategy we're committed to delivering on and constantly evolving.

Culture Pioneer Awards Wellbeing Finalist Badge
Culture Pioneer Awards Learning Finalist Badge

We are proud to be a Culture Pioneer Award double finalist.

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Culture Pioneer Wellbeing Award Finalist Badge
Culture Pioneer Learning Award Finalist Badge
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B1G1: Business for Good
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