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Work is built on relationships, so why isn't recruitment?

Everyone knows; CV-vending services from traditional agencies, purposeless interviews offering no data to support key decisions and expensive fees for the privilege, is wrong.


Which is why we've moved from a hit-and-miss, blanket approach, to a professionally project-managed Talent Partner model that innovative SMEs can rely on to expand and grow, sustainably.

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Smart Talent - Smart Buildings

Heart-led.  Science-backed.

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A New Approach


When your market is short on talent, and you don't have the salaries or brand to beat your competition, you need a new mechanism to hire and retain top talent...

That mechanism is Behaviour-Based Recruitment


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Our Commitments.

We dream

of a world where individuals eagerly anticipate their workday, and companies flourish by uniting towards a shared vision.

We exist

to transform the world of work to benefit all people, companies and the planet, by working towards the day all of us are accepted, included, valued and treated fairly for who we are, what we need and what we bring to the table - rather than how we appear from it.

We commit

to delivering a life-enhancing recruitment experience for all involved.

How we've made an impact.

Through our giving partner, B1G1: Business for Good, we're not just imagining a better world, we're actively creating one. For every invoice paid we contribute to projects around the world that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make a tangible difference to those most in need.


So far we have made 936 impacts across 16 SDGs.

Our impact in their words

"There are few professionals in this industry who bring competence to the table with a mix of a positive attitude  and an extremely friendly demeanour. The Venture Ten team are very organised, rational and with an extremely efficient follow-up system. From last-minute pointers to good luck emails, they remain active in the process right until the very end."

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