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Sales is the lifeblood of any business. When a business can efficiently scale sales up, then the business grows not only in size, but also in margin and profitability.


Add to sustainable growth, a strong culture and you have a recipe for success.


Culture is influenced with every hire you make, which is why we’re deliberate in identifying and aligning ambitions, values and motivations as well as skills, experience and knowledge. That way you can use data and evidence to support your intuition to reduce the risk of a bad hire and ensure you hire salespeople who hit the ground running and stay with you for the mid-long term.


The foundation of our success lies in our unique Behaviour-Based Recruitment    approach and over 20 years of specialising in sales and business development.


Our time -tested approach ensures that we successfully source the high calibre sales team your organisation needs to expand and grow sustainably.

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Our impact in their words

"There are few professionals in this industry who bring competence to the table with a mix of a positive attitude and an extremely friendly demeanour. The Venture Ten team are very organised, rational and with an extremely efficient follow-up system. From last-minute pointers to good luck emails, they remain active in the process right until the very end."

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